Focusing on Governance

Our commitment to responsible business is built on a well-established system of governance principles and accountability structures that are designed to advance the best interests of the Company, our shareholders and society.

Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for setting business policies for the Company and is accountable to shareholders for the Company’s performance. The Board selects and controls the compensation of the Chief Executive Officer, ensures that appropriate corporate procedures and controls are in place and approves the policies that are intended to ensure that the Company operates in an ethical manner on a day-to-day basis.

The Board has adopted Corporate Governance Guidelines and charters for each of our three Committees (Audit Committee, Compensation Committee and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee). The guidelines and the charters are publicly available in the Corporate Governance section of our Company website.

Sustainability Governance

Sustainability is embedded at all levels of our company, from our policies and procedures to our programs and value chain.

Chief Executive Officer
Oversight of Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.
Final review of the Company’s annual CDP disclosure.
Provides additional executive support.
Board of Directors
Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee collects and manages information to better inform the Company’s sustainability strategy.
Provide oversight.
Vice President of Global Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs
Reports to the CEO and the Board and leads global strategy.
Global Executive Sustainability Committee
Makes strategic decisions related to all three dimensions of sustainability and guides daily activities to help the Company meet its goals.
Composed of Crown’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; Vice President of Global Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs; Director of Sustainability and other executives from investor relations, technology development, procurement, human resources, EHS, risk management and legal as well as the Company’s four operating divisions.
Risk Management Team
Elevates and appropriately assigns risks to designated teams within the Company so they can be addressed and mitigated at an operational level.
In parallel, elevates risks directly to the Chief Executive Officer, who determines whether further evaluation by the Board is necessary.

Additionally, local plant management champions on-the-ground sustainability efforts, including in the communities in which we operate.

Precautionary Approach

As one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive packaging companies, risk is inherent in our growing global operations. We follow a comprehensive approach to risk that strives to protect the assets of the Company and the investments of our shareholders, as well as to address the concerns of all our other stakeholders and ensure the continuity of our business.

We recognize that managing risk must be a dynamic process that is integrated into day-to-day management practices and applies process rigor. Our business decision-making process is governed by a philosophy that requires a conscious awareness of the risks and opportunities that different alternatives may entail. We carefully evaluate our business environment to identify potential risks, take appropriate measures to eliminate or reduce their adverse impact, and act in a manner consistent with our strategic objectives.

To achieve this, and in addition to the day-to-day risk management activities that occur globally throughout our organization, we have a global Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program. Crown’s ERM program was formed in 2010 to provide a process for identifying, assessing and managing global risks. ERM program participants include representatives from multiple functions, including senior corporate executives, business units, corporate-level support functions, information technology, regulatory and operations. This program ensures that the Company takes a holistic view of risk in order to identify any risks that would prevent the Company from achieving its strategic objectives.

A comprehensive risk assessment process is performed to identify all potential risk factors affecting Crown. These risks are ranked and eventually classified in the following four categories: Strategic, Corporate, Financial and Operations. To allow us to fully understand our environmental, economic and social impacts, sustainability is a continuous consideration within our ERM process.