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Progressing Sustainability

It is an exciting time at Crown, both in terms of where we are as a business and what lies ahead for our sustainability journey.

Since our last report in 2017, our product portfolio, geographic footprint and employee base have expanded significantly with the addition of our Transit Packaging Division and strategic investments in our beverage can business in several regions of the world. Even with all that change, and a 5% increase in production of beverage and food cans, we have stayed laser-focused on safety and well-being, efficiency, resource management, governance and innovation, which together serve as the backbone of our sustainability strategy.

That steadfast commitment has been ingrained in our culture since we were founded more than 125 years ago with an innovation that extended the shelf life of beverages and reduced waste. We have worked hard to achieve our first formal external sustainability goals and are proud ​of our continued progress. As of December 31, 2018, we were in striking distance of our greenhouse gas emissions reduction target and decreased our absolute emissions despite an increase in production levels for both metal and glass packaging. This kind of progress demonstrates our ability to grow our global operations in ways that benefit our customers and shareholders and minimizes impact on the environment. We are grateful to our global team for their drive, innovative thinking and commitment to continuous improvement - all key factors in our success. You can read more about the incredible work they are doing throughout this report.

"As of December 2018, we were in striking distance of our greenhouse gas emissions reduction target and decreased our absolute emissions despite an increase in production levels for both metal and glass packaging."

Another key aspect of our success lies with our primary product—metal—a material that supports the circular economy, protects our customers’ products by delivering outstanding shelf life and provides an unparalleled return on investment at every level.

The dawn of the new decade also starts a fresh chapter for Crown. In early 2020, we will announce our next set of sustainability goals, which will focus on several overarching priorities: reducing the impact of climate change, using natural resources efficiently, supporting circularity, enacting social change and enhancing product performance, all of which are underpinned by a strong commitment to governance and ethics.

We are already making headway in several of these priority areas:

Renewable Energy

Over the last two years, we have implemented alternative sources of electricity when and where possible. In 2020, all our U.S. and Canadian beverage can plants will transition to wind power, and in the U.K., 100% of our facilities already run solely on renewable electricity. These advancements were made in alignment with Crown’s commitment to the RE100 initiative, through which we have pledged a total transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2050.

Wind turbines
Wind turbines

Science-Based Targets

To support our plan to minimize our carbon footprint, we have also committed to the Science-Based Targets initiative, which will require us to set specific goals for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These targets, to be announced in early 2020, will align with global temperature limits set by the Paris Agreement of 2015.

Our next set of objectives will also include our first formal stewardship goals for water, a key priority for our beverage can customers, as well as waste reduction targets.

To maintain a high level of transparency with our stakeholders, we will issue our next formal sustainability progress report in early 2021. That report will wrap up our 2020 sustainability goals and provide a roadmap for our future strategy.

We are enthusiastic about the next part of our journey and look forward to keeping you up to date along the way.

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