Reporting Period

This report represents data for fiscal years 2017 and 2018. We issue our Corporate Sustainability Report on a biennial basis. Our last report was published in December 2017.

What’s Covered

Crown’s 2019 Sustainability Report includes environmental, economic and social data from facilities within our three metal packaging operating divisions (Crown Americas, Crown Europe and Crown Asia Pacific). The data also reflects any acquired or divested facilities that were operated by Crown for the reporting period of January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018. It also includes information from the Company’s regional headquarter locations in Yardley, Pennsylvania, U.S.; Zug, Switzerland; and Singapore; our research and development facilities in Alsip, IL, U.S. and Wantage, U.K.; and our Centers of Excellence in Singapore; Massillon, Ohio, U.S.; Lancaster, Ohio, U.S.; and Aprilia, Italy, where engineers specialize in specific packaging technologies.

Environmental data from our promotional packaging plants and our CMB Engineering equipment and tooling division have not been included in this report since there is too much variability from year to year in their product portfolios to allow the effective normalization of data and, together, they represent less than 5% of Crown’s overall revenue. However, the employee demographics, safety performance and other elements of social sustainability are included. This is consistent with how we have historically reported data.

Facilities gained from the acquisition of Signode Industrial Group in April 2018, which is now known as our Transit Packaging Division, have not been factored into the environmental or safety performance data of this report. That is because these plants were not operated by Crown during the entire reporting period and it was not possible to segment this information. This data will be included in future reports.

There are no restatements of information provided in previous reports.

GRI Content

This report has been organized and prepared in accordance with GRI Standards: Core option. We have also presented information not specified by GRI that provides additional insight into our approach and commitment to sustainability. Crown has voluntarily followed GRI reporting guidelines since issuing its first formal sustainability report in 2011.

See the GRI Index for a summary of disclosures addressed in this report.


Information provided in our sustainability reporting is subject to internal reviews and, for select data, external assurance.

We engaged Lucideon CICS Limited to provide limited assurance in relation to our total 2018 data for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 1 and 2 categories). The assurance was conducted according to Lucideon’s assurance methodology, based on ISO 14064-3 verifications.

A short assurance statement is available for download.

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