Sustainability Report 2019
Building a Sustainable Roadmap

Our Story

Our sustainability journey started with a single innovation designed to extend the shelf life of beverages and reduce waste. More than 125 years later, our product portfolio, geographic footprint and employee base have expanded significantly, but our core principles and commitment to sustainability have been steadfast.

We remain driven by a desire for continuous improvement, both in terms of what we make and how we make it. That mindset has been a driving force behind the progression of our sustainability commitments as a Company. We are excited to share information about the next step of our sustainability journey with you in this report.

CEO Message

Reducing GHG Emissions

  • •  9.43% reduction in GHGs per billion standard units
  • •  94% of the 2020 GHG reduction goal achieved as of December 31, 2018

Decreasing Energy Consumption

  • Our metal packaging plants have reduced energy consumption by 6.23%, surpassing our goal

Moving to 100% Renewable

  • •  6.7% of our total electricity was consumed from renewable sources by the end of 2018. This is the first step on the path of our commitment to reach 100% renewable electricity by 2050.

Our Sustainability Journey

We are proud of the strides we have made to become a more sustainable Company. As we approach the completion of our 2020 Sustainability Goals, we are looking toward the future and how we can advance all aspects of our sustainability activities.

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Our Primary Product

What we make – metal packaging – is a key part of our sustainability story. In so many ways, metal is the most sustainable packaging material. The raw materials that make up metal packaging, aluminum and steel, are abundant and no other packaging substrate has a more firmly established recycling infrastructure. Metal packaging also helps power the circular economy since it can be recycled infinitely in a material-to-material loop. The material also serves the greater good when it comes to our planet and its people by reducing food waste thanks to its inherent barrier properties against light and oxygen and ability to extend the shelf life of products, making safe and healthy foods more accessible and creating jobs to help fuel the economy.

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Our Communities

We embrace the opportunity to care for and support those who live and work in the diverse communities where we conduct business. We focus our corporate citizenship activities on issues like environmental protection, investing in local youth, preparing tomorrow’s workforce, supporting health and wellness and other important social issues.

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